Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Learn How Zoning Can Affect Your Commerical Property Purchase

by Joan Bradley

When choosing a property to purchase for your business, do not make the mistake of forgetting to consider the zoning restrictions. Many first time land buyers do not realize that there are so many different types of zoning restrictions that come with buying a commercial property. Use the following guide for an overview of the many different types of zoning restrictions you need to consider when buying commercial property.

Parking Restrictions

With every piece of property, there will be restrictions as to how many vehicles can park on the property at one time. You may have to buy adjacent properties in order to expand the parking availability, if you plan to run a business that requires many cars to be parked outside of your establishment at any time. This is an important zoning restriction to take into consideration if you plan to open a bar, restaurant, or gym.

Noise Restrictions

There are some structures that have a zoning noise restriction. That means that the noise coming from your establishment cannot exceed a certain volume at specific hours of the day. This is important if your business entails playing loud music at night. Bars, clubs, and even dance studios sometimes have difficulty finding venues because of zoning noise restrictions.

Capacity Restrictions

Every building has a restriction on how many people can be in the building at any given time. The capacity of a building is typically determined based on the size of the building. A fire marshal will assess how large the space is and figure out how many people can safely be in the building and escape safely, if a fire were to occur.

Use Restrictions

Every building is zoned for a specific purpose. Residential properties are zoned for families to live in them. Commercial properties are zoned for commercial use. It is important to make sure that the property you are buying is zoned for commercial use or else you will have to have it rezoned before you can use it.

In order to make sure that you buy a property that is properly zoned, meet with a real estate lawyer before making any purchase. The attorney will know the ins and outs of the law to ensure that the contract between you and the seller is contingent on the property being properly zoned. That means that you will not be obligated to buy the property if it cannot be zoned for the specific needs of your business.


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