Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Four Reasons Your Wages Are Being Garnished And How To Stop Each

by Joan Bradley

Wage garnishment can happen for any number of reasons. When it does happen to you, you may already be struggling to pay your monthly bills and keep food on the table. Even though you cannot really afford another debt, you might want to consider hiring a lawyer for some help. The following reasons are the most common reasons for garnishing someone's pay, and how the lawyer can help make it stop:

Child Support

In a country where fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce and the annual average of child support payments due to custodial parents is about thirty-three billion dollars, it is not surprising that the number one reason for garnishing one's wages is child support. If you are a non-custodial parent who owes child support, this is the reason for it. While you should not dodge your parental responsibility, you can get the payments reduced, commensurate with your level of pay.


Taxes are the second biggest reason for wage garnishment. When you owe Uncle Sam more than a couple grand and do not pay it, "he" will eventually come after you to get it. Hopefully, if that is the reason why your wages are currently garnished, it is not too bad. However, you can get your payments eliminated or reduced if your lawyer proves that you would suffer undue financial hardship. Many people end up owing nothing, even when they clear upper-middle-class wages annually.

Medical Bills

Medical bills in this country are enormous. It can cost you ten thousand and up just to have a baby, deliver it in a hospital, and stay a day or two. Surgery, especially complicated surgery like heart or brain surgery, will cost hundreds of thousands. If you still owe the hospital for that life-saving procedure you had a year ago, the hospital can ask for wage garnishment. Your lawyer can counter with the fact that even with reduced payments you would not pay off that debt until you are twenty years past your own death.

School Loans

Again, anything having to do with government money means you will be followed by the debt until the day you die. At least with school loans, there is always a way to put off paying the bills a little while longer. Additionally, if you fail to pay off a school loan, the government will not harass your children or grandchildren for the money. There are legal ways to cut this expense to the bare bones as well.

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