Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Divorcing With Kids: How To Get Through It Without The Stress

by Joan Bradley

If you're married and it's not working out despite the effort you put into the relationship, you may be prepared to get a divorce. However, the two of you may have a few children, which complicates things a bit. You probably have concerns about the well-being of your children during this emotional and difficult time in their lives, but it's possible to divorce your partner in a stress-free way that works better for everyone involved.

Come Up with a Parenting Plan

There's no use in continuing to fight if the marriage is ending. The two of you may have had a number of problems ranging from infidelity to finances, but those are things that you shouldn't even mention in front of the children. Even though the relationship has ended, it doesn't mean the two of you cannot co-parent like two civil adults. In fact, it makes the most sense to start coming up with a parenting plan while proceeding with the divorce.

The parenting plan gives you both some time to discuss how you will parent the children despite living in separate homes. You two should come to an agreement on certain rules for the kids so that they realize you're still a team when it comes to parenting, even if you're not together. The parenting plan could include a number of things, such as when the children will go to bed on school nights, how long they're allowed to stay out on the weekends, and other important things parents typically agree on with one another.

If the two of you can talk in a civil manner and come up with a good parenting plan, your children will still have that normalcy in their lives. They'll notice the two of you are co-parenting in an efficient manner rather than fighting throughout the divorce process.

Hire Your Own Divorce Attorney

Aside from working with your ex to come up with a great parenting plan, you'll need to hire your own lawyer to help you get through each step of the divorce. There are many things that'll need to be figured out, including who gets certain assets. Unfortunately, this process can become frustrating. If you're trying to have things sorted out in a stress-free and professional way, it's better to hire an attorney to work on the divorce case, explain everything to you, and help you make the most of a situation that's difficult for everyone involved.

If you're getting divorced, but you have children, you may be concerned about their well-being. The best thing to do for the children is to remain civil. You could come up with a parenting plan with your ex and then hire an attorney, like one from Begley Carlin & Mandio LLP, to help you throughout the divorce proceedings. There's no need to bicker and argue with your ex when the relationship is coming to an end. 


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Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

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