Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Three Advantages Of Sharing The Contents Of Your Will With More Than Your Executor

by Joan Bradley

Many people put together the ideas for their final will and testament, have an attorney who specializes in this subject matter put together a legally binding document, and then share the contents of the will with their executor. Afterward, this person may tuck the will into a safe area and not think about it again. This approach can work, but if you're working on your will, you might wish to share the contents of this important document with those whom you include in it. It might feel a little different to discuss such matters while you're still living and feeling healthy, but there are several advantages of doing so.

An Opportunity To Discuss Material Goods

A final will and testament are about more than just dividing your financial assets to those about whom you care. For many people, the will also includes instructions on what you want to be done with important material goods, such as jewelry, family heirlooms, and other similar items. Talking with your family members about your wishes in this area gives you the chance to convey just how important certain things are to you. For example, you might have some family keepsakes that could seem worthless to a family member, but he or she will see more value to these items and be honored to receive them after your passing.

A Chance To Hear Peoples' Wishes

When the executor reads a will after a person's passing, contentious issues can occur among family members. For example, someone who always thought that he or she might receive a certain item could be shocked when this isn't the case, and conflicts between this person and the person who is slated to receive the item are often inevitable. When you share the contents of your will with your loved one, you can hear what people think. For example, you may learn that even though you want a specific piece of jewelry to go to one person, another person has always coveted it — and the former person would be OK with the latter having it. You can then have your attorney make the necessary changes that will keep everyone happy.

Time To Enjoy Some Appreciation

It's important not to overlook the fact that sharing the contents of your will can be a pleasant and emotional experience for you. After someone passes and the executor reads the will, many of the recipients of assets are touched but would have loved the chance to thank the person who has passed. When you share the contents of your will, your kindness will truly touch those around you, and you'll get to enjoy the appreciation and love that they show you as a result.

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