Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Three Reasons To Push For Community Service After A Misdemeanor Arrest

by Joan Bradley

When you're arrested for a misdemeanor crime, you want to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney from a place like All Legal Solutions who will help you to beat the case. There are circumstances, however, in which the odds are stacked against you. For example, if there are numerous witnesses, compelling evidence, and security footage that perfectly shows your crime, it may be likely that you'll be found guilty. In such a scenario, you'll want to discuss your options with your attorney. He or she may advocate pleading guilty and pushing for community service, rather than jail time. Here are three reasons to pursue this strategy. 

It Keeps You Out Of Jail

The biggest reason to push for a sentence of community service is that you'll avoid having to go to jail. Confinement in county jail, rather than state prison, is the norm after a misdemeanor arrest, but this is still an environment that you do not want to experience. This is especially true if you're a first-time offender and the entire ordeal that you've been through has made you convinced that you'll change your ways from now on. Jail has a number of unsavory elements that can make your life extremely miserable, even if you're only facing a short sentence.

It Improves Your Community

Another advantage of being sentenced to perform community service is that it makes the area in which you live better. There are all sorts of ways that you can serve the community to pay your debt to society. For example, people will commonly be tasked with cleaning different areas of their community, whether it's picking up litter in a park or along the road, removing graffiti on a community center building, or other similar tasks. It's a good feeling to improve your community in this manner and the time spent working can allow you to reflect on the error of your ways.

It Sets A Positive Example For Your Children

If you have young children, you'll ideally want to use your brush with the law as a teaching tool about decision making. Having to perform community service as a way to repay your debt to society, sets a positive example for them. For example, you could say, "Daddy made a mistake that he won't make again, and now he's making this park cleaner for you and your friends to enjoy," or something comparable, tailoring the nature of the message to your children's ages.


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