Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Let Your Car Insurance Company Off The Hook By Making These Post-Accident Statements

by Joan Bradley

If you've retained a car accident attorney after a collision and are discussing your legal options, you might be surprised to hear the attorney suggest the idea of suing your insurance provider. Doing so is relatively rare, but still happens for a number of different reasons, including an accident in which the other driver who was involved was uninsured. You may feel uneasy about this sort of lawsuit, but it's important to heed your attorney's advice and rely on his or her experience with legal matters of this nature. You'll also want to avoid making statements — to your attorney or to yourself — that could compel you to back down from legal action. Here are some examples.

"My Insurance Company Has Treated Me Fairly Over The Years"

It may indeed be true that your car insurance provider has been good to you in the past when you've had to deal with it, but don't forget that you've been a good client, too — likely paying thousands of dollars in premiums over the years. The track record of your insurance company has little to do with your current situation. If the provider is fighting you on the benefits that you currently deserve, a lawsuit is likely to be your best option.

"This Will Destroy My Relationship With The Company"

You may be worried that hiring a car accident attorney and launching a lawsuit against your car insurance provider may ruin this relationship, prompting you to seek insurance coverage from a different company afterward. This idea might seem unpalatable to you, but you need to accept that there's no real consequence of it. It's better to fight your current provider in court, get the benefits that you're entitled to in the wake of your accident, and then move on to another insurance company than to stick with your current company and not get anything.

"The Collision Was The Other Driver's Fault"

It's possible that you'll keep coming back to the idea that the collision was the other driver's fault, and this may make you feel reluctant about pursuing legal action against your insurance company. The reality is that if the other driver was uninsured and thus didn't have an insurance company to take care of you, this becomes your company's responsibility. If it is balking at its responsibility, it holds some culpability for the current situation and is thus a suitable legal target for you and your attorney. Reach out to a lawyer, like those at Kaston & Aberle, to learn more.


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Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

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