Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Divorce: Time To Involve Lawyer In Your Marriage Separation

by Joan Bradley

Marriage is supposed to make both you and your spouse happier and offer companionship and support whenever you face difficulties. However, there comes a time when irreconcilable differences may bring your relationship to an end. 

Depending on the basis of your separation, the process might be manageable. But unfortunately, there might be contentious issues that may require legal interventions. That's when you should hire a professional divorce attorney for advice and legal representation. But, when do you know it's time to involve a lawyer in your divorce process? Read through to find out.

1. When Divorce Laws Are Difficult to Comprehend

The divorce can be a simple process when it only involves the two of you. However, it gets complicated when there is contention about your children's custody and support, existing prenuptial agreement, or division of assets. 

Different states have various laws regarding these matters, and you need legal advice before proceeding with the separation process. So, you should hire a divorce lawyer and let them take up the issue. A lawyer has an in-depth understanding of divorce laws, and they know how to frame your case to get you a fair deal. 

2. When Both of You Don't See Eye to Eye

You can quickly resolve your divorce issues outside the court of law. However, you can only manage this if both of you are at peace with one another. If one of you still holds grudges due to abuse, neglect, or infidelity, you might not reach an amicable solution. 

So, if any of you has a flared temper when discussing controversial divorce issues, it could be advisable to involve a divorce lawyer in your negotiations. A lawyer will help you to come up with a sober decision that will benefit both of you. 

3. When You Are Not in a Formal Marriage

If you don't have papers supporting your union, you might encounter challenges in your divorce case. So, if in your common-law marriage, you had kids or acquired properties with your spouse, you need legal advice on how to proceed with the divorce process. That is because your spouse might take advantage of your illiteracy in divorce laws to acquire more assets or custody of your children.

Since the court has no legal rights over your divorce in informal marriage, you can engage a divorce lawyer to help you separate legally. Both you and your spouse, with the help of a lawyer, will settle on the correct formula to use for sharing property, money, and custody of the kids. 

If you are in any of the situations above, you need to get a lawyer before filing a divorce petition. The lawyer will advise you on the procedures to take, try and reach an out of court agreement, and represent you in court. For more information about working with a divorce lawyer or family law, contact a local law firm.


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