Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

What Are Some Of The Things That Your Car Accident Settlement Can Cover?

by Joan Bradley

If you are involved in a car accident and take action against the responsible party, then you might receive a car accident settlement offer. If you choose to accept this settlement offer, there are a variety of things that you can do with the money, depending on your specific situation and the amount of your settlement. These are some of the things that your car accident settlement might cover.

Legal Fees

If you worked with an attorney to get your settlement, then there is a good chance that your lawyer will charge you a legal fee that will come out of your settlement. This will typically be a percentage of your compensation, which should have been something that you were told about and that you agreed to. Typically, your attorney will take their legal fees out of your settlement before you receive it, so you will not have to worry about figuring up how much to pay your lawyer or dealing with the hassle of paying them yourself.

Medical Bills

While you were going through your court case, you might have received a lot of medical bills for the medical care that you were receiving. You might have bills for the ambulance ride, the initial visit with your doctor or at the hospital, and any other bills that might have stacked up. If you have not paid these bills yet, then you might find that using your car accident settlement makes sense so that you can cover them. Then, you can make sure your debts are paid and can avoid problems like credit report issues. If you have already paid the medical bills out of pocket yourself, then you can use the money from your settlement as reimbursement for the money that you spent.

Replacing Your Car

Your car might have been seriously damaged or destroyed in the car accident, and you might need to purchase another vehicle now. You may be able to use your settlement to either purchase a car with cash or put a down payment on a vehicle to replace your old one.

Covering Lost Income

While you were out of work because of your car accident injuries, you might have drained your savings or might have fallen behind on your bills. Some of the money in your settlement can be used to get caught up on bills or can help you get your savings account back where it should be.

If you need help getting your settlement, contact an auto accident attorney in your area.


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