Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

When To Seek Family Law Services

by Joan Bradley

Family lawyers are skilled professionals who can assist you with a range of legal issues related to the family unit. You might not think that you would ever need one of these professionals, particularly if you have a happy relationship. However, unexpected things can and do happen. Furthermore, family law services extend beyond just divorce-related issues. In fact, they encompass a wide range of services and can be helpful in a number of ways. By knowing how these services can assist you, you'll know where to turn if you find yourself in any of the following situations.

Custody Agreements

Determining who gets custody of a child can be a complex process. You may, for example, desire complete custody of a child who is yours by birth. Or, you may want to share custody with a former spouse or partner. Some individuals may even desire shared or full custody of a child that is not biologically theirs, such as a step child or a niece or nephew.

If you are seeking to obtain custody of a child, want to make changes to a custody agreement, or want to create a fair and equitable custody agreement with an ex-spouse or partner, it's wise to seek the advice of a family law professional. They can discuss the different types of custody agreements with you, go over your options, and ultimately work toward helping you obtain the type of custody you want.

Changes to Names

Name changes can sometimes be handled by family lawyers. Perhaps, for example, you wish to take the name of your spouse after you have already been married for a while. Or, maybe you want your child to take on the last name of your new partner. There may also be cases in which an adopted or non-biological child may wish to take on the last name of their new family. Speaking with a family lawyer can let you know what is possible, as well as the legal process for changing a name.

Child Support Arrangements

Child support can sometimes be a tricky thing to navigate. You may be having trouble getting the child support you are owed or think you are owed. Or, perhaps you are paying child support, but find it too high. You may also be suffering as a result of your inability to pay child support. No matter what the case may be, family lawyers can discuss your options with you and discuss legal steps you can take to help achieve the results you want.

Ultimately, family law services can help with a lot of needs. This includes everything discussed here, and much more. Essentially, if you are dealing with any legal matters directly related to the family unit, it's wise to contact a family lawyer to discover what the next, and smartest, steps should be.


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Don't Deal With a Personal Injury On Your Own

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